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Quote1.png Yeah, turns out I'm like the idiot kung fu master of surviving horrible terrifying #S%*. Seriously. I outlive everybody. Other people? Smarter people? Nah, they die. Alex. Mom and dad. Gert. First girl I ever...Yeah, she died in my arms. Twice. So for once in my life, I'm not worried about losing the game. I'm scared I'll win. Quote2.png
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The accidental conception of Chase Stein was the event that led his parents and the other members of the Pride to decide to pass on their inheritance from the Gibborim to their children.[9] Chase's parents, Victor and Janet Stein made a fortune from inventing a tool that allowed opening up new CDs "without ripping [any] fingernails off",[10] but as scientists/engineers they actually created weapons, tech, and transport for The Pride.[11]

Victor beating his son, Chase

Against his parents' hopes, Chase was very athletic and did not share their aptitude for science. Chase was regularly beaten by his father for receiving poor grades, focusing too much on sports, and often even without any explanation at all.[12][13][14][15]

During Chase's childhood, a business associate in the Los Angeles crime scene, "Creepy Uncle Eli", often visited. When his parents finally cut off ties with him, Eli came into Chase's room as a threat to his parents.[16]

For his sixteenth birthday, Chase asked for a plain white van because he wanted anonymity and the secret desire to just disappear one day.[11] Around this time, Chase discovered The Hostel after reading about a "missing mansion" in one of his father's books. Chase began spending time at this location because it was "off the beaten track". He later purchased a sign warning of a lethal radiation testing site to prevent others from exploring his haunt.[17][3]

Not long after receiving his van, Chase accidentally ran over his Uncle Hunter after Hunter had an argument with his parents. Chase believed Hunter died that night and had gotten taken care of by his parents, but he somehow survived.[18][19]


Along with Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, and Gertrude Yorkes, Chase witnessed his parents and the Pride sacrifice Destiny Gonzales for the Ritual of Blood.[12]

Chase discovering the Fistigons

While searching for evidence, Chase commandeered some of the weapons from his father's workshop including the Fistigons and X-Ray Specs.[10]

After rescuing Molly and narrowly escaping their parents, Chase suggested the group take refuge in The Hostel. Chase received the codename "Talkback" from Gert's sarcastic remark about his habit of talking back.[3] Chase's insecurity and stubbornness often put him at odds with the other Runaways, but particularly with Gert.[20] As the only Runaway with a driver's license, Chase transported the team in his unmarked white van.[17]

Chase and Gert's first kiss

After infiltrating the Marine Vivarium to confront the Pride, Chase nearly drown trying to protect his friends from the defensive security golem.[21] It was Arsenic who administered CPR and saved his life. This led to the pairs first kiss and the culmination of their romantic tension. Still weak from his near-death, Chase passed on his Fistigons and X-Ray Specs to Alex Wilder.[22] After Alex's betrayal and death, Chase, piloting the Leapfrog, was able to rescue the other Runaways and escape in the before the Gibborim destroyed the Marine Vivarium killing all the members of the Pride.[23]

After narrowly escaping the destruction of the Marine Vivarium, the Runaways were immediately apprehended by Captain America[23] and placed into foster care. Chase told the authorities that he was going live with an aunt in Anaheim, but provide the P.O.Box address he used to receive pornographic magazines. Chase had completely disappeared until weeks later after a text message from Karolina when he and the other Runaways reconvened at the Griffith Observatory. Together they decided to retrieve Old Lace and the Leapfrog, and run away again.[24]

The Runaways eventually located one of the Pride's old lairs beneath the La Brea Tar Pits, and took up residence there. They also began defending Los Angeles from all of the villains trying to fill the power vacuum left by the absence of the Pride.[25] With the Fistigons destroyed, Chase's primary responsibility in the group became piloting the Leapfrog.[26]


Chase and Gert love each other

After an unsuccessful mission to rescue Excavator from his father and the Wrecking Crew, the team returned to the Hostel to be comforted by a mortally wounded Heroine, a woman claiming to Gert's future self and leader of the Avengers. Using the 4-D Time Portico, she narrowly escaped the onslaught of Victorious, with a message to the Runaways: find Victor Mancha and stop him from becoming this deadly super-villain. Heroine then died in Chase's arms.[25]

Chase jealous of Victor

Although Gert and Chase's relationship was proceeding, Gert friendliness with Victor Mancha led to feelings of insecurity in Chase.[27][4] Long after the other Runaways had accepted Victor, Chase continued to distrust him.[28]

During a trip to New York City to help Cloak, Chase and Nico went searching for a drug dealer in Washington Square Park.[29] During their confrontation with Pusher Man, a bluff from Chase about working for the Pride, save his and Nico's lives resulting in a brief kiss much to Chase's protest.[18] In their final confrontation with Reginald Mantz, with Nico unconscious, Chase cast a spell with the Staff of One purging Mantz of his remaining MGH.[30]

Weeks later, when Gert found out about Chase and Nico's kiss while battling a young Geoffrey Wilder and his New Pride, she was furious, and the ensuing argument allowed the New Pride to kidnap Molly.[4] Later, Gert officially ended their relationship.[31]

During the Runaways' mission to rescue Molly Pride, Chase ran into the burning Griffith Observatory to rescue his friends. However, Nico, Xavin, and Molly had already escaped, leaving Chase to face off with Geoffrey Wilder. Gert and Old Lace went in after him resulting in Geoffrey throwing a knife directly into Gert's chest. Before she died, she successfully transferred her telepathic connection with Old Lace to Chase.[6]


Chase and Old Lace setting out for revenge

After an argument with Nico about what to do with Gert's body, Chase left the team taking Old Lace, the Abstract, and decoder ring.[6] While the other Runaways dealt the loss of Gert, Chase used Old Lace to hunt down Lotus.[32] Coercing her help, and using the using the Abstract, Chase opened a portal to find the Gibborim and make a deal.[7] After meeting with the Gibborim, Chase secretly stole a few pages from the Abstract and let Lotus go with instructions to burn the remaining book.[33]

Chase returned to the team, but he was darker and angrier than before.[34] During the height of the Superhero Civil War, the Young Avengers attempted to come to the aid of the Runaways.[35] When members of both teams where kidnap by Marvel Boy, Chase helped lead the two teams into the Cube to rescue them.[36]

When Chase finally decided to sacrifice his soul to the Gibborim to resurrect Gert, he stole the Staff of One from Nico, incapacitated Victor, and left the Hostel.[14] Nico and the others followed him and engaged in battle with the Gibborim. With help from a disembodied voice, Molly was able to revive Victor and together they all escaped. As the team returned to the Hostel, they were greeted by the Runaways were unexpectedly greeted Iron Man and his Cape-Killers.[37]

Chase returning in the 4-D Time Portico with a new set of Fistigons

Along with the other Runaways, Chase escaped to New York City in the Leapfrog where they inadvertently traveled back in time to the turn of the century.[38] When the Runaways ran into younger versions of Dale and Stacey Yorkes with a working 4-D Time Portico, Chase stole the machine with plans to rescue Gert.[39] Chase saw Gert living happily before they discovered the truth about their evil parents, and Chase made the choice to allow her to remain living happily there for as long as she could. He did, however, use the opportunity to steal another set of Fistigons and X-Ray Specs from his father's workshop.[40]

Old Lace

Old Lace reunited with the Runaways

After returning to the present, traveling back to California, and taking up residence in the Malibu House, Chase began working at KZIT for Val Rhymin.[41][42]

During a house prom, the Malibu House was destroyed when an unmanned drone crashed into it. Although the Runaways were mostly unharmed, appeared that Old Lace died.[43] Chase's uncle, Hunter Stein, who was monitoring the Runaways activity, arrived at the ruins of the house and offered help. Chase rejected his help, and after helping the Runaways evade arrest, Chase left to confront his uncle. However, while en route, Chase came across a girl who bore a striking resemblance to Gert. Chase ran after her but was run over by a truck is rushed to a hospital.[44]

Fortunately, Chase made a full recovery,[16] and began sensing Old Lace was still alive. A spell from Nico led the team to Avengers Academy and Reptil. With his help, Chase and the Runaways traveled to Dinosaur World and were reunited with Old Lace.[45]


Chase, Nico, and the other prisoners of Murderworld

Chase and Nico were among the sixteen super powered teens captured and brought to Murderworld by Arcade where they were pitted against each other in a fight to the death.[46] As a cover story, Arcade left a note from Nico and Chase stating they needed time to explore their relationship. Arcade also set periodic texts to the Runaways, though all these efforts did not convince Molly that they left of their own free will. During Chase's absence, Old Lace became very depressed and barely ate.[47]

Chase as "Chasehawk"

Chase remained close to Nico and the pair later briefly team-up with the Avengers Academy student. The alliance dissolved when Reptil was unsuspectingly burned by a mysterious figure. The Runaways were rejected, Nico's magical fruit-bearing tree was destroyed, Nico became annoyed with and distanced herself from Chase. While sulking, Chase found the Darkhawk Amulet and inadvertently transformed into the new Darkhawk.[15]

When Arcade informed the participants of the existence of safe zones, the Runaways teamed-up with Cammi to travel to the area.[48] They later allied with Cullen Bloodstone, Nara and Anachronism from the Braddock Academy.[48] While resting at the safe zone, the group was caught off guard by Juston Seyfert attacking both Tim Bashir and Death Locket.[49] When Nico was injured trying to then try to stop Juston, Chase instinctually activated the Darkhawk Amulet to protect her. The fight was ended by an EMP blast from Tim. After allowing Tim to explain his and Apex's shared origins, Chase was in the minority, believing that they should kill Tim to stop Apex. When Chase decided to take matters into his own hands, it was Nico who cast him out of the group.[50]

When Apex regained possession of her body, she seized control of Juston's Sentinel, Death Locket, and Chase with the Darkhawk Android. Using him as a weapon, Apex forced Chase to shoot Nico killing her.[51] Nico's death rattle spell was able to revive her and greatly increased her power. She was able to destroy the Sentinel, free Chase, and bury Death Locket and Apex alive. Reunited and exhausted, instead of apologizing, Nico and Chase just sat quickly together.[5]

Nico and Chase found the others battling the Glartrox Demon possessing Cullen.[52] When the dust began to settle, Nico signaled Chase to attack the others, which he did reluctantly.[53] Cammi was able to catch Chase off guard and remove the Darkhawk Amulet and used it on herself giving her enough power to stop Nico from killing Cullen.[54] Chase briefly regained the Amulet as the group was forced to battle the island's weapons until Death Locket put an end to the battle by killing Tim/Apex. Along with the other survivors, Chase agreed to the pact of silence about Murder World, and Chase returned the Darkhawk Amulet to Chris Powell before being rescued from the island.[55]

Chase objecting to the plan to infiltrate Bagalia

Unlike Nico, Chase returned home to his friends. After Arcade leaked video footage of Murder World online, Chase broke the silence pact and began to capitalize on the notoriety. He began appearing on talk shows, inked a book deal, and allegedly had at least one reality TV show in development. Chase was forcibly taken by Nico to meet the other survivors to discuss the disappearance of Cullen.[56] Much to Chase's protest, the group infiltrated Bagalia in search of Cullen. After locating Cullen, he transported the group to Arcade's Massacrer's Casino,[57] where the group nearly beat Arcade to death, though Hazmat then did kill Arcade.[58] The group was then arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., quickly freed by Baron Zemo, and given the offer to join his Masters of Evil.[59]

Chase accompanied Death Locket and Constrictor to the Snakepit and met the Masters of Evil. Against his better judgment, Chase agreed to accept Zemo's offer and infiltrate the Masters of Evil with the others.[60] Death Locket betrayed the group and shot Chase.[61] Fortunately, Nico healed him, but he remained in a coma for a few months.[62] Following the defeat of the Masters of Evil,[63] Chase returned to the Runaways.[64] However, the team quickly fell apart. Nico had decided not to return to the team; Molly was taken in by her grandmother; Victor died on mission on behalf of the Avengers; and Klara was taken in by foster care.[64]

Find Your Way Home

Using the time machine that belonged to Gert's parents, Chase tried to travel back in time to save Gert. Even though he failed from stopping her from getting hurt in the first place, he retrieved her body and took it to the present, and had Nico use the Staff of One to heal here.[65] Angered after learning that the Runaways has drifted apart, Gert convinced Chase and Nico to get the team together.[64] During the recruitment drive, Gert expressed that she felt the world had moved on since her death, and cited the bigger age gap between her and Chase as a reason not to get back together.[66]

Before Gert's return, Chase had been delivered a box which contained Victor's dormant head, but he refrained from opening it since he believed it simply contained his belongings. He decided to open it after Gert returned,[64] and started working on booting Victor up.[66] Victor initially pretended to be still offline due to the traumatic experience that had led to his death,[67] but he eventually revealed that he was alive.[68] Following the reunion of the Runaways,[69] Chase got an ordinary job to help sustain the team with Nico. He continued working on developing a new body for Victor, and received help from Victor's friend from the Avengers A.I., the heroic Doombot.[8] Chase was unaware that Victor and Gert harbored feelings for each other and were starting to act on them, feeling betrayed when Victor decided to regrow his body on his own in order to ensure protection for Gert,[70] but eventually coming to terms with that.[71]

The J-Team

As Gun Arm

When the Runaways were forced out of the Hostel by an inadvertent public drainage work,[72] they were welcomed into the mansion of the local vigilante Doc Justice.[73] The Runaways minus Gert were eager to join him in his crime-fighting, becoming a new incarnation of Doc Justice's former squad, the J-Team. During this time, Chase adopted the outfit of BumpStock, but named himself "Gun Arm."[74]

The Runaways were unaware that Doc Justice thrived off sensationalizing his super hero life to the point that throughout the fifty years of his career he routinely orchestrated the death of his young protégés to raise his own profile. After making this discovery,[75] Gert convinced Doc Justice's son and assistant, Matthew Caniglia, to interrupt a staged mission that was intended to result in Karolina's death. Chase was severely beaten up by Doc Justice, but the encounter ended with the villain's death at the fangs of Old Lace.[76]

As the team reeled from Doc Justice's betrayal and returned to the Hostel, Chase began dating in secret a future version of Gert that one day had approached him.[77] However, future Gert had the ulterior motive to take Chase into her time to steer him away from a descent into villainy, planning to give him a clean slate. Gert was initially distraught when she stumbled into her future self, but future Gert confided in her the reason for the visit. Gert agreed to help and with Molly's help they helped future Gert abduct Chase to the future.[78]


Power Grid[83]
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Chase is a human born with no innate superhuman abilities. However, he eventually gained the following abilities:

  • Telepathic and Empathic Link: Just before Gert's death, she was able to psychically transfer her link with her genetically engineered deinonychus to Chase. He is now telepathically and empathically linked to Old Lace. This link enables Chase to mentally command and communicate with Old Lace.[32][14] However, Chase and Old Lace also share the pain any injuries the other sustains.[7][43]


Chase piloting the Steinbus

Piloting: Chase has demonstrated an aptitude for driving and piloting vehicles including his van,[11] the Leapfrog,[23] and the Steinbus.[79]

Skilled Athlete: Chase is a skilled and gifted athlete and has participated in baseball,[15] lacrosse,[3][15] football,[15] and basketball.[60] He has earned several awards for his various sporting achievements.[15]



Chase's Fistigons

Chase has obtained several pieces of technology from his father and other sources. This equipment includes:


Steinbus; formerly Leapfrog, Chase Stein's Van


  • Chase was 17 years old during his initial appears in Runaways #1. Chase's 18th birthday occurred in Runaways (Vol. 2) #19.
  • Chase often comes across as being a dumb obnoxious jock, but he is surprisingly street smart and devoted to his friends.
  • Terry Romita has stated that Chase could have a future as the next-gen Captain America.[81]


  • In Brian K. Vaughan's original pitch for the series, Chase was named John and the sibling-like relationship Chase shares with Molly was between Gert and Molly.

Chase asking about weed

  • It has been hinted multiple times that Chase uses cannabis.[12][29][82][43]
  • Chase appears to be Christian. When first attacked by Old Lace, he recites The Lord's Prayer,[17] and he later refers to the Devil as a real being. He also called Karolina an angel after her alien powers were activated but before her origins were revealed.[10]
  • Before learning that his parents were members of The Pride, Chase wanted to be an announcer for ESPN, but after his experiences with the Runaways he decided that he wanted to join the F.B.I. to help other troubled teens like themselves with the added perk of carrying a gun all the time.[21]
  • It is implied that Chase lost his virginity to Gertrude.[15] Chase mentioned that he was a virgin in Runaways #15. Later it is revealed that he and Gert shared a bed[4] and a few innuendoes were made about their sexual relationship.[25][27]
  • Gert actually died in Chase's arms twice: Once as an adult as Heroine[25] and once as her adolescent self.[6]
  • Chase apparently had terrible handwriting.[1]

Gert seeing Chase's tattoo

  • Chase has a tattoo on his lower left abdomen of a heart with Gert's name inside.[8]

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