The mercenary known as Che trained in Tibet with Shaolin monks who helped him learn to summon his chi strength.[1] When the monks were killed by Mys-Tech, Che decided to investigate. He infiltrated the organization by becoming one of their Warheads, quickly becoming leader of Malkuth Troop[2][3], and one of the best Warheads.[4]

During a Warheads mission, Malkuth Troop encountered Cable and most of the team was killed. Che was captured and Cable discovered that Che also wanted to bring about the end of Mys-Tech. Che agreed to spy on Mys-Tech for Cable. [5] With the destruction of his team, Che was transferred to Kether Troop.[6]

Che remained active with the Warheads for a number of missions, surviving 50 missions to other worlds and becoming a trainer for recruits. His loyalty to Mys-Tech was under question and he was being sent on increasingly dangerous missions.[4] However, he was eventually killed by Mys-Tech guards; only to have his body stolen by Cable and then resurrected by Vorin to become a Shadow Rider in a new, mutated form.[7]

Che, possibly due to his immunity to magic, eventually reverted to human form. He then joined Colonl Liger's reformed Kether Troop who sought to help destroy Mys-Tech. During a transdimensional mission to Hell, the Troop was trapped there to ensure Mys-Tech failed. Liger had offered to save the Troop but was saved by members of the team.[8] Back on earth, Liger recruited Agent Keller to help him rescue his team.[9]


  • Magical Immunity: Che is immune to magical-based attacks.
  • Chi Manipulation: Che also has the power to focus his 'chi' to enhance the force of his martial arts strikes.
  • Psychometry: Che also possesses the power of psychometry.

After his body was transformed, Che gained the following powers...

  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Stamina

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