An operative known only as "Checkpoint Red" was a Russian spy trained in the Red Room. To interfere with the ongoing Sixth Excavation of Uruk, Babylon by the Nazi Party, the Russians have joined with the other Allied powers in order to keep the M'kraan Crystal under the city out of the Nazi hands. Byron Ironsides arranged for Peter Parker, Dr. Huma Bergmann and Harry Charles to met with her in Istanbul, from where the four of them proceeded to Uruk.[1]

Huma revealed herself to be allied with the Nazis, but with the help of Ironsides Harry, Red and Spider-Man, were able to escape the Nazi ambush and together proceeded inside the Temple of Inanna. After the door to the Tomb of Heaven was opened, so was the way to the Underworld itself.[2] Huma Bergmann revealed herself to be the Goddess Inanna in the flesh and Harry and Checkpoint Red attempted to distract her to no success. However, Spider-Man was able to connect the Cicada Stone to the M'kraan Crystal, weakening its structure, after which one well-placed shot destroyed it along with Inanna. Parker, Harry and Checkpoint Red were later extracted out of Babylon by Ironsides.[3]

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