Cheiros was a bat-winged Inhuman, and a leader among the Winged Ones.[2]

Kylus eventually managed to have King Nestor built Aerie, a city held by anti-gravitic engine, for the Winged Inhumans to be free of flying there. Hostiliy kept growing nonetheless between the wingless Inhumans and the Winged Ones, until Kylus declared secession and war upon Attilan. Cheiros was of the few to oppose Kylus, and was immediately arrested.[2]

Kylus then decided to purge the "weakness" from Aerie, including Cheiros, the bat-winged and all other non-white-feathered winged Inhumans, and had them all slaughtered within hours.[2]

Cheiros was martyred, Kylus trying in vain to make him admit complicity with the "groundlings".[2]


The genocide of all non-white-feathered Bird People, including Cheiros' martyr, became a shame to later Bird People.[2]

The Cheiros Hill of the Aerie were named in his honor.[1]

The Red Raven was also gifted with artificial bat-like wings in his honor, Aerivar the 18th intending to make of him the "Heir of Cheiros".[2]



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