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Chen Hsu is the leader of a group of aliens from the planet Kakaranthara, fourth planet of the star Maklu, that traveled to Earth to look for the conflict which was unknown in their culture, and which they craved. The ship crashed, stranding them on Earth. Many thousands of years later, the Mandarin found their ship and claimed their rings.[1]

Years later, the Mandarin travelled to San Francisco's Chinatown to find Chen Hsu, who was responsible for stealing one of the Mandarin's rings and replacing it with a duplicate. Chen Hsu politely returned the true ring to him. Once the Mandarin slipped it on he doubled over in pain and fell to the floor.[2] Chen Hsu now used his own mystic knowledge to remove the shadows that have clouded the Mandarin's memory. The Mandarin returned to Valley of the Sleeping Dragon where he came upon a huge ancient doorway, built inside of a mountain. It was in the temple he found the ancient dragon Fin Fang Foom.[3] Mandarin has awoke the dragon and offered to enter into a covenant with him in an effort to re-mold the world.[4] Fin Fang Foom emerges and completely razes the entire region, but the Mandarin and Chen Hsu control the dragon, which allowed them to take over one-third of China.[5]

The Mandarin sent a message to the Chinese government declaring that he expected them to yield total and complete control over the entire country over to him. Failure to do so would incur the wrath of the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom.[6] Meanwhile, Chen Hsu trained the Mandarin to improve him.[7] When Iron Man confronted the Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom he was easily defeated by the dragon.[8] During the battle eight other dragons appeared, and Chen Hsu revealed that he was also a dragon.[9] The dragons revealed their origin and plans, and demand the rings back, but the Mandarin refused them. Iron Man forcibly combined his power with the rings, and managed to destroy the Makluan dragons.[1][10]

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