Radioactive Man was one of the many villains spawned through the time-space rift in the Gamma core on Avengers Island. Shortly after being brought into existence, he would join many other villains in forming the Masters of Evil and clash with the Avengers. Radioactive Man and the Masters would easily be defeated by the Avengers and taken prisoner. Chen and his fellow Masters would later be absorbed by Loki who was seeking to boost his powers by absorbing Avengers allies and foes that were unique to Counter-Earth. Following Loki's defeat all those absorbed by him were freed, including the Radioactive Man who would rejoin the Masters of Evil.

As time went on, the Avengers and other heroes were returned to their native reality of Earth-616, and the Counter-Earth pocket dimension would be manipulated by The Dreaming Celestial throwing the Earth into social, political, and ecological chaos. With the Melter giving prophetic visions, the Black Knight would seek to use these visions to make the Masters of Evil a major player in world domination.

Possibly due to the ordeal of being temporarily absorbed into Loki, the Radioactive Man became totally silent, and would not speak. His fellow Masters cohort Whirlwind would begin to confide his thoughts to the Radioactive Man finding the silent man a good listener.

When the Black Knight made a deal with Atlantean Warlord Krang to obtain the Trumpet Horn of Atlantis, the Knight would betray their alliance by dispatching Whirlwind and Radioactive Man to slay Krang and his minions. To accomplish this, Radioactive Man would irradiate Lake Michigan, killing Krang and his minions and all the fish in the lake.

When Black Knight learned that Whirlwind was attempting to leave the Masters of Evil, he would send the Radioactive Man to kill him. However, Whirlwind would manage to talk Chen Lu into sparing his life. Following this the Black Knight would be slain by one of Doctor Doom's Doombots.

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