Quote1.png My life ended on that stage. And now I will make a new one from the ashes. I will rise like a phoenix. Quote2.png
-- Chen Zhao src


The wife and figurehead of the billionaire assets owned by rich Chinese Lim Zhao, Mrs. Zhao was an adamant mutant hater whose discontent with Homo superior bloomed into full on anti-mutant activism whence upon her husband becoming an Order of X advocate after the worldwide message broadcast by X.[1]

Rather disquieted by such a turn of events, Chen incarcerated her husband within their own home and aimed to use his fabricated disappearance as a means to garner support for her Homo superior smear campaign. Both to discredit the mutant race and further her own profit through racism and subterfuge.[2]

When she rebuked Bishop's inquisition of the whereabouts of her husband, he would opt to work with Kate Pryde to find out the truth on they're own. Whilst at a hate rally she was sponsoring, Chen was dismayed to find the two had rescued and brought her husband to her looking no worse for wear. After a brief scorning by Kathrine about mutants no longer being viable for scapegoating. Zhao was publicly humiliated in front of her support group now that her long con had been unearthed.

Seeking restitution she would align herself with the new anti-mutant government established in Madripoor. Where the inner circle of Homines Verendi ingratiating her into their sect as the White Bishop.[1]


Mrs. Zhao is a decent business woman who owns a billion dollar cooperate venture.



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