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Chernobog was a Russian elder god, and the source of the Darkforce.

As the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse, the Soviet Super-Soldiers tried to balance the fight by unleashing Chernobog, Darkstar summoning him on the Arctic Circle for three days.

As such plan would lead to Earth to be smothered in the next month by a layer of Darkforce, the multiversal-travelling and reality-saving team Exiles informed Alpha Flight of it, and the two teams went on a conjoined raid. Despite the interruption of the summoning, Chernobog kept on gaining power and manifesting on the Earth realm, until Narya repelled the threat back to his realm.[1]



Chernobog seemingly possess telepathy or another way to inform Darkstar of the approach of the Exiles and Alpha Flight.

He could extend his form to form tendrils, used offensively.[1]


Chernobog was stated to be vulnerable to light.[1]

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