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Chernobog the Black[1] was the Slavic god of chaos, night,[2] and darkness,[3] and one of the "evil soldiers" in the war between good and evil fought among the Russian gods.[2]

Early Years

He was allegedly worshiped by the sick and the dying, and the witches and warlocks.[2]

In 893 AD, along the banks of the Neva River, he and Perun were allegedly coming to help their Slav worshipers against the Norsemen led by Thor, but were both killed by Gorr the God Butcher (only Perun's blood and a beheaded Chernobog were witnessed),[1] in an unnamed town.[2]

Modern Day

In that very town, an unnamed bartender made a deal with him, serving as a host to manifest on the Earth plane, the bartender picking on the tourists he despised for disrespecting his country and not caring of its history, while Chernobog was free to "haunt" the streets, looking for people to feed on in order to gain energy and one day rejoin the war. Their link was seemingly working around a lamp.

One day, he attacked tourists but was confronted by the Hulk, whom Chernobog proved unable to drain before overloading. Banner deduced the relation and confronted the bartender.[2]

In light of an increase of global tensions in the superhuman community, marked by the Avengers answering to King T'Challa of Wakanda and the formation of the Defenders of the Deep by Namor to drive off human presence in the oceans, a mission that included the attack of Russian submarines in the Black Sea, the Russian government decided to revamp the Winter Guard and Chernobog joined as part of the expanded roster, sharing ranks with Perun. During one of their earliest missions, Chernobog and Perun came to blows since neither wanted the other to claim the chance to deal Namor the final blow during battle.[3] Following this episode, both Chernobog and Perun appeared to have been removed from the team.[4]



Chernobog was allegedly the "strongest one there was". He could feed on the "souls" of mortals, or rather energies. He also used a mortal host to manifest himself in the Earth plane.[2]


Chernobog could not withstand tremendous amounts of energies, such as the Hulk's.[2]



Chernobog rode a winged stallion.[1]


  • Even saying his name was considered bad luck.[2]


  • "Chernobog" means Black God in English.
  • Chernobog's overall appearance bears a striking resemblance to the similarly named "Chernabog" from the 1940 animated film Fantasia by Marvel's parent company Disney.

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