The Cherub Whirlwind were (if they are not a single entity) warpies captured by the R.C.X. and trained into their first Warpies team, the Cherubim.[1]

Bring by R.C.X.'s agents Gabriel and Michael to make Captain Britain accept to install the warped children into the Braddock Manor.[1]

Meggan inadvertently released them from their containment-van, and they attacked the Manor and his inhabitants, alongside their teammates.[2]

He was killed by Meggan who evolved from her monster-form and discovered as well her own elemental powers.[3]


Their physiognomy and powers grant to them:

  • Flight
  • Tornado generation: Taking each others hands and rotating, they are able to generate tornadoes and were also able to stand hide into this tornado after it generation. Their creations vanished at their death.

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