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Much of Pinball's history remains unknown, but he was an enemy of Nighthawk, and an experienced professional costumed criminal. He was a good friend of his fellow criminal Remnant, and often worked in tandem with him. When their Earth's premier superhero team the Squadron Supreme instigated their "Utopia Program" that included behavior-modifying criminals, a worried Pinball and Remnant joined forces with the villainess Mink. They approached their Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Professor Imam for help.

Imam agreed to transport the three criminals to an alternate Earth, Earth-616. Once there, they began a crime spree, and clashed with Captain America and Nighthawk, who had come to that Earth seeking allies to join him in opposing the Squadron's Program. Although the Captain couldn't help, he encouraged Nighthawk to join forces with the three criminals. They returned to their own Earth, and formed the core of the Redeemers.[2]

Pinball was with the Redeemers when they confronted the Squadron, and the confrontation soon turned to combat. Pinball was taken out of the battle early on when he was knocked out by the Whizzer, and was left to roll aimlessly around the battlefield. Pinball was killed when Blue Eagle, whose wings had been depowered, attempted to land on his inflatable suit. The collision punctured Pinball's lungs, and he died, much to his friend Remnant's dismay.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Inflation: Even though Pinball had no superhuman powers himself, he did wear a rubber suit that inflated to assume a large spherical shape.
  • Bouncing: When inflated, his suit gave him enhanced durability and he moved by bouncing or rolling. He used his suit to attempt to flatten opponents.

Physical Strength

Pinball possessed the normal strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in little regular exercise.



Pinball used a rubber suit that inflated to assume a large spherical shape.

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