General Chester Musgrave was kidnapped by the Scorpion during a peace award ceremony in Brooklyn. Spider-Man intervened, but, when the Scorpion heard attending photographer Lance Bannon mention J. Jonah Jameson, he instead demanded Jameson be turned over to him in exchange for Gen. Musgrave.[1]
The Scorpion held him hostage in Brooklyn for a while, then hijacked a chopper and escaped, hiding into an abandoned farm in Connecticut. Gen. Musgrave was moved again to New York City when the Scorpion decided to bring him to the Kingpin. However, the villain got lost driving into the city, and winded up in Queens, where Spidey finally caught him. As Justin Hammer's agents Rhino and Blacklash appeared onto the old World's Fair grounds chasing the Scorpion, they left Musgrave behind and the General was eventually rescued by Spider-Man.[2]

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