Chester Orsen was the owner of National Aero, a plane manufacturer that had test pilot and inventor Don Gorman in its employ. When Gorman invented a new jet engine that could allow planes to fly at 1000 miles an hour, Orsen attempted to convince Gorman to sell it to Nazi purchasing agent Anson Dictor. Gorman refused, intending to turn the plans over to the US government once he had completed his testing. Later, when Gorman needed to test the engines long range flight capabilities, Orsen used his connections with All-State Airlines to install the engines into their commercial airliner fleet.

Orsen and Dictor then had all the planes redirected to a secret Nazi base on American soil during the flight, causing nationwide panic over the missing passengers. When Gorman was hired to track down the planes Orsen and Dictor hired men to try and eliminate him. They failed, and Gorman led the US Air Force to the location of the stolen planes. Exposing Orsen and Dictor as the plane thieves, they were both arrested.[1]

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