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General Chester Phillips[src]


General Chester Phillips was the Army liaison to scientific projects seeking to create superhuman operative at the onset of World War II, most notable Project: Rebirth. General Phillips handpicked 4-F army reject Steve Rogers to become a part of the 1940's Project: Rebirth experiment. In particular, he admired Rogers' patriotic spirit. Later, Phillips was a part of picking Rogers as the eventual Super-Soldier Captain America. Phillips also oversaw Rogers initial training as well as some of his early missions.[citation needed]

After the fact, Phillips was aware that an unauthorized military group gave the Super-Soldier Serum to Protocide, prior to Steve Rogers. As he displayed no life functions, Phillips believed Protocide to be deceased and the General dealt severely with the perpetrators through military channels. During the war, Phillips acted as Captain America's commanding officer, on one occasion borrowing a naval destroyer to search for Cap when he had gone missing. Phillips was a hard nosed commander who did not tolerate errors from his charges. He retired sometime after the war.[citation needed]

In recent years, after Phillips' natural death, he was impersonated by an agent of the Interrogator. This agent posed as Phillips in a rest home. While appearing to battle his assailants, this agent's throat was fatally slit.[citation needed]


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