A mutant discovered by Cerebro, he has the power to suppress the mutant powers of others. Wolverine hires him once a year to take him out drinking, letting Chet suppress his healing factor enough for Wolverine to get really drunk.

Chet received a degree in visual arts from an art school. However, he is coasting at an easy job he hates, occasionally getting to design fliers and resumes. His mother hectors him that his degree was a waste of time. On February 12th, 2004, Wolverine takes him on their annual drinking appointment, which ends with Wolverine on fire after a bar fight. Chet puts Logan in a cab and sends him back to the X-Mansion. His experience with Wolverine motivates him to quit his job.

Chet's subsequent fate has never been revealed nor is it known if he retained his mutant powers after the events of M-Day.


Power Negation: projects a dampening field from his body that disables the mutant abilities of anyone within 10 feet of him.


Graphic design

Strength level

Chet gets little regular exercise, but he's pretty big and tall.

The calendar on the wall of his apartment was set to 2004, though the story was released in 2010. It is likely that the story takes place before M-Day, making his current status as a mutant unknown.

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