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With an increasing student body, Cyclops & Emma Frost reorganized the Xavier Institute's educational and training program into a squad system.[2] The Chevaliers Squad was advised by Gambit.[3][1]

Foxx in the Attic

When Foxx mysteriously arrived at the Xavier Institute, she was placed in Gambit’s Chevaliers Squad and immediately began causing chaos. She spread rumors and flirted with several individuals including Gambit and Bling!. Foxx was soon revealed to be Mystique in disguise trying to infiltrate the X-Men.[4]


  • Bling! - Roxy Washington was the field leader and possesses crystal skin. Retained her powers and remained with the X-Men.
  • Flubber - Nick Shelley had a rubbery body. Depowered, and current whereabouts/status unknown.
  • Onyxx - Sidney Green had a granite body and possessed superhuman strength. Retained his powers, but was later killed by Wither on Utopia during Necrosha.[5]
  • Rain Boy - Carl Aalston had a living liquid form. Depowered, and current whereabouts/status unknown.
  • Foxx - Revealed to be Mystique attempting to infiltrate the X-Men.


After M-Day only 27 of 182 enrolled Xavier's students retained their powers. The Chevaliers were disbanded along with all the other X-Men Training Squads. Bling! and Onyxx were the only members to retain their powers, and stayed at the Xavier Institute.


  • All of the student members of the Chevaliers Squad had physical mutations.
  • Before the Chevaliers Squad's name was revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #13, many fans referred to them as Guilded Squad possibly in reference to Gambit's time with the Thieves Guild.
  • "Chevalier" is the french translation for Knight, French being one of the adviser Gambit's native languages.

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