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Chewie was Carol Danvers's pet, whom she believed to be a normal domesticated cat.[3]

When Carol, now Captain Marvel, left Earth to explore the universe, she took Chewie with her. When she encountered the Guardians of the Galaxy, member Rocket Raccoon identified Chewie as a "Flerken," a dangerous alien species similar to Earth's cats. Rocket tried to kill Chewie "before it could lay eggs," but Carol interrupted his hunt.[4]

Weeks later, Chewie was revealed to be in fact a Flerken, having laid over a hundred eggs at the time Captain Marvel's ship was stormed by a goo-like hive.[5] Captain Marvel, Carol's friend Tic, Rocket, and Chewie managed to fight off the aliens, while Chewie's eggs hatched. Carol took Chewie and her 117 offspring to a rescue center in the Tyvorn Cluster, where she planned to leave her and the kittens to be taken care of, however, Chewie later teleported back to Carol's ship to stay with her.[6]

When the murderous symbiote-powered Carnage set out to retrieve the traces of symbiote left behind on anybody who was ever bonded to one, he set his sights on Captain Marvel, who had been briefly bonded to Venom.[7] While Carol was away on a mission, he infected Chewie with a symbiote,[8] forcing her to attack Carol when she returned. Chewie devoured Captain Marvel into one of the pocket dimensions inside her body, but Carol managed to strip the symbiote off her pet from the inside. Chewie then vomited Carol and the symbiote, becoming free from its influence.[7]



Chewie unleashing her tentacles

It was theorized by Doctor Mohan that Flerkens have access to pocket dimensions located inside their body. In these "bubbles," they can store a large amount of things, like eggs, fanged mouths, or even tentacles for offensive capabilities. They also use these subspaces as a means of instantaneous transport although the process is messy to say the least.[6]


  • Chewie is named after Star Wars character Chewbacca because Chewie reminded Carol of him.[9]
  • Carol keeps a "Chewie-cam" in her apartment to keep track of Chewie when she's on long missions.[7]

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