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According to Azazel, the Cheyarafim are a group of angel-like mutants who were the traditional enemies of the Neyaphem, a demonic-looking group of mutants who lived in Biblical times. The Cheyarafim were fanatics who had a strict, black-and-white view of morality which led them into conflict with the Neyaphem. This escalated into a holy war, causing the Neyaphem to either flee or be exiled into an alternate dimension.[2]

The ultimate fate of the Cheyarafim has not been revealed. There are no known Cheyarafim groups extant.

Modern Cheyarafim?

It has been implied, but not confirmed, that some existing mutant characters may be descended from Cheyarafim; for instance, Archangel and Icarus both have fully feathered wings on their backs and a blood-based healing factor, of which Archangel's is discovered to burn instead of heal the Neyaphem-born Nightcrawler.[1]

This would suggest that the Cheyarafim died out or were assimilated into the normal human gene pool. To be noted that Azazel was curious about Archangel's lineage and stated he had been cast out by his (Warren's) kind,[2] although he declared to Ydrazil Angel wasn't a Cheyarafim.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Winged Flight: The Cheyarafim have wings which enables them to fly,[1] and their blood burns the Neyaphem.[1]



Same as Earth


Same as Earth


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The only recorded possible Cheyarafim are Angel[1][3] and Icarus[3].


  • The name Cheyarafim is most likely derived from Cherubim or Seraphim, orders of angels in Judeo-Christian faiths.

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