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"Chief" was a Public Eye inspector, and superior to Jake Gallows, whom he charged to unmask and arrest the Punisher, unknowing he was him.

Without being a totally bad person, Chief was a very law-follower, and refused every time to assist people without the good subscription, or under black-carders attacks, and even put chase on the Punisher as he was doing the police job for free.

Chief had lot of respect for Gallows, even if this one was prompt to cross the line for justice's purpose. When Kerry Dowenn decided to inquire on him, Chief reply aggressively, seeing the para-psych's search on Gallows as an insult for his duty.

When Doom came at his police station to promote Gallows as the Minister of Punishment, Chief first thought to take down his former team-mates. It is unknown if Chief joined the SHIELD or quit the police job.

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