Quote1 I determined to act on my own. My computer was programmed to seek out the most powerful of beings, whose abilities would be evaluated by the Chief Examiner and replicated by his portal. From those templates, I would create the ideal champion of my people, who would end the Black Fleet's depredations and restore peace to our galaxy. Quote2
-- Durgan the Philosopher[1]


When the raiding pirate Black Fleet advanced toward the peaceful planet Scadam, ravaging any planet in their way, Scadamite Durgan the Philosopher took upon his shoulders the task to defend the world (particularly as the planet's Ruling Council refused to even try to fight back).[5][4][1] Durgan built an agent, the Chief Examiner, and sent him to the planet Earth where he was to find superpowered people and analyze their superpowers so that Durgan could replicate them. Durgan intended to create a champion on which to embed these abilities,[6][1][4][7][4] to battle the incoming invaders.[1][4][4]

The Chief Examiner successfully analyzed the Hulk,[5] Spider-Man,[8] the Human Torch, the Thing,[6] Magneto,[1] Wolverine, Sub-Mariner[9] and at least six more superbeings from Earth.[3] Durgan synthesized all this superenergy and fashioned it into his champion,[7] a giant[2] metallic robot[3] that required Durgan as a pilot.[4][3]

The Chief Examiner tried to obtain one last power source, the Star Brand, but he was destroyed when trying to analyze such intense item; Star Brand bearer, Earthborn Kayla Ballantine, was left a castaway on Scadam, a strange planet to her.[7]

When the Black Fleet began their attack on Scadam, soon after this, the Chief Exterminator was not ready and it only became operative after one week of siege,[3] during which Scadamite cities were leveled.[10] During this time, visiting Earthling Her helped defended Scadam,[2] until she was incapacitated herself.[11]

At last, the Chief Exterminator confronted the Black Fleet, fighting at least thirteen enemy warships at once,[2] shooting simultaneously death-rays from its helmet and hands (one of these bolts bounced on an enemy ship and almost hit nearby Ballantine). However, eighteen constant bursts from the ships focused on the Chief Exterminator and destroyed it,[11] turning it into scrap metal and fatally wounding pilot Durgan.[3] If the Chief Exterminator had the Star Brand power, the result could have been different.[4]

Ballantine witnessed Durgan's death and enraged, as she believed he had been her last chance to go back to Earth. Ballantine then instintively used the Star Brand power and obliterated the Black Fleet,[3] but by then the Scadamites had been almost extinguished.[12]


In Quasar #40, the Chief Exterminator is apparently 50 feet high. Both Quasar #42 and Secret Wars: Official Guide to the Marvel Multiverse say that it is 100 feet high.

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