When Tony Stark visited Japan to witness the opening of the new Arc Reactor power plant and the demonstration of the Dio armour, he spent time at Lab 23 where Dr. Tanaka worked as lead scientist. She assisted Stark in every situation in Japan until revealed to be a Zodiac sleeper agent, Gemini.[1] She was ultimately able to break free from Zodiac's control and aid Iron Man in stopping Zodiac's plan to take over Japan at the cost of her own life.[2]


She is not aware of her own armor.


Gemini (Chika)

Gemini Unveiled

  • Gemini Armor: The Gemini armour was stored inside Chika's body through unknown methods. It was capable of flying using repulsor technology and came equipped with two extendable tentacles on top of the head which could be used to impale targets and shock them. A laser weapon located at the diaphragm could fire a blast of similar intensity to Iron Man's Uni-Beam.
  • In Marvel Anime: Iron Man, the character Dr. Chika Tanaka is voiced by Takako Honda in the Japanese version and by Laura Bailey in the English dub; is based on Rumiko Fujikawa.
  • The Arc Station at which Chika worked was renamed the Tanaka Memorial Station in her honour.

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