The Children of Dis or Disians are an underground yellow skinned humanoid race. They are the descendants of the Dante's Crew, mutated via magic by Belasco into short moloid-like creature. They reside in the Atlantean amusement park beneath the surface if Pangea in the Savage Land.[1]

Kevin Plunder (Earth-616) and Children of Dis from Ka-Zar the Savage Vol 1 11 0001

They remained in the underground kingdom of Belasco the infernal for over 600 years. The Children of Dis have bee imbued with the power to emit bursts of energy through the eyes. They are forced to remain their as slaves, but when Belasco returned they helped Ka-Zar and his allies escape by attacking the Demons and creations of Belasco. It is not clear of their status but it can be assumed they still live in the kingdom of Belasco.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Due to their mystical transformation the Children of Dis are able to emit some kind of energy from the eyes which they can use to burn their enemies.



Average Strength level



Due to living underground all their lives bright light hurts their eyes


Habitat: Underground
Gravity: Earth
Atmosphere: Earth
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Slaves of Belasco
Level of Technology: Primitive
Cultural Traits: No clothing.
Representatives: No specific representatives.


The Children of Dis look like the Moloids of Subterranea, but have no connection to them beyond living underground.

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