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The Children of the Atom were a group of young vigilantes, they were comprised of Cherub, Cyclops-Lass, Gimmick, and the brothers Marvel Guy and Daycrawler. Using alien technology, the group pretended to be mutants and their goal was to join Krakoa.[1]

On their first mission, they stopped the depowered Hell's Belles during a robbery. After defeating them, they met the X-Men, who questioned why the team hadn't came to Krakoa yet. They invited them to come, but the Children said they weren't ready and Daycrawler teleported them away as the police was closing by (and susceptible to oppose the young mutants due to the Kamala's Law, a legislation banning teen vigilantes). During the night, the team made their way to a gateway but were unable to pass through and enter Krakoa.[2]

Storm later revealed that Carmen was a mutant, when she was inviting her to the Hellfire Gala.[3]



  • Various pieces of alien technology that lets them emulate mutant powers.
  • Pieces of Magneto's helmet


Daycrawler a.k.a Nighty-Nightcrawler's teleportation.



  • Before their first full appearace in Children of the Atom #1, the Children of the Atom made a cameo in the story "Race" from Marvel's Voices #1 written by their co-creator, Vita Ayala. They appear as a group of civilians asking Forge for an autograph after he participates in the International Science Race Expo.

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