A race of humanoid creatures created by Ex Nihilo in his attempt to evolve Earth.[1] During his trip to the Savage Land, they were founded by Hyperion, that began spending a deal of his time caring for and educating them becoming their "father".[2]

This species is totally self-sustained, they don't need to eat, breath or sleep, and develop at an incredible speed.[3]

The Children of the Sun later helped Sunspot investigate the Incursions and create a countermeasure for them.[4]

After the restoration of the universe thanks to Reed Richards, the Children of the Sun started working for Avengers Idea Mechanics. [5]

Powers and Abilities


Self Sustenance The Origin Bomb of Children of the Sun was engineered by Ex Nihilo to exhibit one of the qualities he thought all life needed. Their purpose was self-sustenance and as such the Children have no physical needs such as sleep, food or air to sustain themselves. They generate sufficient power that six can be harnessed as living batteries for machinery as large as Terminus. [6]


Type of Government: Tribal
Level of Technology: Primitive


The seven "Origin Bombs" that Ex Nihilo was able to successfully seed the Earth with corresponded to certain attributes that their creator considered essential to a functioning sentient organism which he was trying to turn the Earth into. The Children of the Sun's function was "Self-Sustenance."[7]

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