Quote1.png I'm going to freeze your pathetic little body, then I'm going smash it into little pieces-- which I'm going to use to keep my drinks cold. Quote2.png
Chilly McHotpants[src]


"Chilly McHotpants" was deployed after Deadpool cut down all of the Skrull invaders at a baseball stadium with his light assault pistols. Hotpants caught Deadpool by surprise and was strangling him when he was ordered to stand down by his Skrull commander.[3]

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He was later there when Deadpool's DNA was implemented into a generation of Super-Skrulls and also when Deadpool was teaching his Super-Skrull proteges.[1]

When he discovered that Deadpool was a traitor to the Skrulls and was working for Nick Fury, McHotpants chased Deadpool down to the water distribution center of the Skrull ship. Deadpool attempted to dispose of McHotpants by electrocuting him, but Hotpants survived and attempted to freeze Deadpool, accidentally freezing himself.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Cryokinesis: His left arm appeared to have similar powers of that of Iceman.
  • Pyrokinesis: His right arm appeared to have similar powers of that of Johnny Storm
  • This Skrull may have also possessed the powers of Black Bolt as he had the same tuning fork device that Black Bolt used.[3]


Ice susceptibility: If he is shooting a beam of ice at something and water is surrounding him then he will become frozen in a chunk of ice.[2]



Inhuman Tuning Fork: Purpose of this item is unknown.[3]

Chest Armor: This Skrull had a chest piece similar to those found on Iron Man Armor, its purpose remains unknown.[3]


Skrull Warship


  • Deadpool seemed to enjoy making fun of McHotpants' powers.

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