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Chimera was an interdimensional pirate of questionable sanity. She lived to plunder the space-time continuum and traveled with plasma-wraiths, super-strong half-starved creatures wrapped in black bandages with sharp claws.


Chimera was hired by Genesis (Cable's son) in a plot to catch Wolverine and re-bond his skeleton with adamantium. She broke Cyber out of prison, and Wolverine stabbed her hand before she managed to escape.[3] However the plan did not go as planned and a feral Wolverine nearly killed all the Dark Riders, with her and Dirtnap as the only survivors.[4] She fought Wolverine again, although this time he had help from Venom.[5]

She later formed an alliance with Emplate when he accidentally opened a portal, summoning her. However she later tried to leave his side, and he incinerated her, seemingly killing her.[6]

After M-Day, she reappeared without an explanation of what had happened, and was approached by Madelyne Pryor to join her new Sisterhood of Mutants. She accepted by saying she was bored out of her mind.[7] She fought Domino alongside the Sisterhood and was shot almost fatally, however, she was later healed by Madelyn. When Madelyne tried to enter Jean Grey's body, she exploded and Chimera and the rest of the Sisterhood fled through Spiral's portal to escape the X-Men.[8]


She later joined the Marauders as their leader, seemingly against her will.[9]

As field leader of the team, she hunted down Nightcrawler along with Aries, Azimuth, and Coda, capturing him as a test subject for the "boss".[10]


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Chimera can generate ectoplasmic bursts in the form of telekinetic dragons to strike enemies both physically and psionically. She also has telepathy enabling her to read minds and create illusions, and can access weapons from many different dimensions.

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