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China Force (中国队, pronounced "Zhōngguó duì") was a national super-hero team of the People's Republic of China. They were created by the leading communist government to combat superhuman threats and disasters and to counter the growing number of heroes being formed in the west and especially the United States of America. Each member of the team is assigned a code-name from the Chinese Zodiac.[1]


When their member Dei Guan, known as the Jade Dragon, appeared in Canada after mysteriously disappearing, China Force was sent to retrieve him. While en route, they fell under the influence of the Dreamqueen and were diverted to West Edmonton Mall.[2] There, they fought Alpha Flight, mistakenly thinking that they were in China. After the battle, the team returned to China with Guan after Pathway opened a trans-dimensional portal.[3]

After returning to China, Guan officially defected from China Force and became a member of a small resistance group (3Peace) who opposed China's approach to super-humans. China Force battled against the group and the Mutant Liberation Front. During the battle, Rabbit was killed by Reignfire.[4]

They have since been apparently disbanded and been replaced by the People's Defense Force.[5]


  • There apparently have been several members who have defected from China Force; a list which may include Silver and Auric, who defected to Canada.


  • Members of the team are named after the Chinese zodiac.

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