The China People are a race that appears to be a humanoid china set that are located in the Land of Tea in the possibly imaginary realm of Nowhere. They are a culture that is inspired by traditional Chinese decorum and wear. The males of the race appear to be fashioned after pieces of china, such as tea cups and tea kettles, while the females appear to be humanoid in form. They are very fragile and their worst predator is the Bull in a China Shop. They are a xenophobic society, afraid of outsiders, and such was the case when the island was visited by Jimmy Jupiter and Captain Cookie of the Candy Men.

The leader of the China People ordered them to leave the Island of Tea, but when a young girl was threatened by the Bull in a China Ship, young Jimmy Jupiter came to her rescue. Using bull fighting skills, he tricked the creature into running into a tree made of cork, embedding it's horns and trapping the dangerous beast. This earned Jimmy the adoration of the China People who then reversed their opinion and invited him and Captain Cookie with open arms. As a token of gratitude, the young girl gave Jimmy a Likker Snik a creature that ate only licorice.

Powers and Abilities


The leader of the China People had a head shaped like a tea kettle. when he got mad steam shot from his spout and from under the lid on the top of his head.


The China People were made out of fine china and as such were brittle and vulnerable to breakage.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Feudal
Cultural Traits: Based on Feudal China

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