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20th century

When a group of Chinese immigrants decided to put on a charity event to earn money for the Chinese war effort against Imperial Japan, Japanese spy Matzu and Chinese traitor Ku-Shi decided to sabotage the event by setting on fire the building containing all the fireworks for the event. Human Torch and Toro put out the fire and agreed to be part of the show instead. During their performance, Matzu and his minions attacked the charity and gunned people down. The Torch and Toro attempted to stop them but ended up getting trapped in a room filled with gas. Matzu hypnotized them to break into the Bank of Free China and steal more money for him. Returning to Matzu's hideout, the Torch stumbled and was freed from the hypnotic control. When he attempted to capture Matzu, the Japanese spy sends Toro to clash with him. They fight to a standstill until the boy snaps out of Matzu's control. The duo then chased the crook down and easily captured him before he could detonate a powerful bomb.[1]

Glorianna O'Breen kissed Matthew Murdock in broad daylight in the middle of Chinatown.[2]

Abe Brown was used to teach tae-kwon-do to his brother in Chinatown.[3]

When the Killer Shrike attacked the Sons of the Tiger in their Chinatown martial arts studio, he was eventually defeated by Prowler.[4]

21st century

In secret medical facility in Chinatown, Mister Negative extracted Bruno Karnelli's blood.[5]

A while later, Mister Negative persuaded his Inner Demons to hijack an Oscorp supply truck.[6]

A few days later, the Punisher shut down an illegal human organ trafficking warehouse run by the Shaolin Scientist Squad in Chinatown.[7]

He then escaped the killing teams sent by the Black Stream mercenaries.[8]

A short time later, Mrs. Smithson's apartment building was destroyed with her in it during the gang war between Mister Negative and the Hood.[9]

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