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Glorianna O'Breen kissed Matthew Murdock in broad daylight in the middle of Chinatown.[1]

Abe Brown was used to teach tae-kwon-do to his brother in Chinatown.[2]

When the Killer Shrike attacked the Sons of the Tiger in their Chinatown martial arts studio, he was eventually defeated by Prowler.[3]

In secret medical facility in Chinatown, Mister Negative extracted Bruno Karnelli's blood.[4]

A while later, Mister Negative persuaded his Inner Demons to hijack an Oscorp supply truck.[5]

A few days later, the Punisher shut down an illegal human organ trafficking warehouse run by the Shaolin Scientist Squad in Chinatown.[6]

He then escaped the killing teams sent by the Black Stream mercenaries.[7]

A short time later, Mrs. Smithson's apartment building was destroyed with her in it during the gang war between Mister Negative and the Hood.[8]

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