The X-Men confronted a pack of Nimrod Sentinels in Chinatown.[1]

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On Earth-7642, Wolverine once lived in Chinatown. In 1982, Logan accompanied his girlfriend to her mother's home since Sung believed something was wrong with her. They went over to her apartment, where everything seemed normal except that Ms. Li spoke English, a language she didn't know. The couple attempted to leave only for Ms. Li to summon ninjas to attack them. During the fight, Logan was thrown out the window and the fight spilled onto the streets. Logan passed out from the injuries he sustained and was saved by Michael Cray who took him out of Chinatown.

They returned to Chinatown hours later, once again pursued by the ninjas.[2] They returned to Logan's apartment, where they found a magic man, who teleported them to The Librarian's Library. After being sent back, they suited up for battle. They tracked down the ninjas in south Grant Street. Logan and Cray were almost overrun by the ninjas, only to be saved by rival ninjas, allowing for Wolverine to destroy their urn. Sung escaped from a backroom and they returned home. After parting ways with Cray, Logan went up to his apartment to find Sung putting away the Librarian suit. Realizing she was using him the entire time, he left her and San Francisco despite her claims that she did loved him.[3]

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