"Chinese X-Men"

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A Chinese mutant team, a team of Chinese mutants
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Gathering of Chinese mutants, hiding in Tian
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This team was composed of Chinese mutants who lived in Tian, "Heaven", a floating city set in a five square mile forest area of China.

They hid there, a screen covering them even from Cerebro or Cerebra until Scarlet Witch depowered them during the M-Day. They were killed either by this event or by the Annex Squads of an alternate reality.

Looking at Tian's structure, it was speculated that at least a few of those mutants were psionics and energy creators.

Their bodies were found a few month later, when they came to Tian, the last entry of the Triploid Mutant's notebook.


Equipment: The members of this team all wears white shirts and red pants, as monks.


The team was actually never referenced by an other name than "The Chinese X-Men".

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