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The original "Schizoid Man" is Chip Martin, a graduate student who suffers from psychological instability and has the power of building and animating solid constructs with his mind.[1] His father is Senator Robert Martin, who was once suspected of being the Hobgoblin.[2][3]

Civil War

Chip and Lectronn engaged in a three hour fight over New York that ended in a stalemate.[4]

Villains Anonymous

Afterwards, Schizoid Man joined Vil-Anon, a twelve-step program dedicated to helping individuals overcome their criminal tendencies.[5][6]

After AvX

After the Avengers/X-Men conflict the Raft was damaged and numerous super-criminals were sent to another prison, unfit to store such individuals. A riot exploded, and Schizoid Man was a key in the brawl, even if he was trying to get control over himself, until he was defeated by Rogue.[7]


Power Grid[11]
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Matter Manipulation: Chip Martin possesses the power of building and animating solid constructs with his mind.[8][9]


Psychological Instability[8][9]


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