Chiquita Tarantula was the girlfriend of "Big Time" Barnelle, a notorious bank robber who was active in the 1940s. When Barnelle was incarcerated in 1945, he and Chiquita corresponded back and forth, using coded messages that Barnelle would swallow after reading. Barnelle soon began planning to break out so that he could reclaim some stolen loot he had hiding out and began plotting with Chiquita. He was unaware that Chiquita intended to murder him and claim the money for herself.

In order to maintain her innocence, she tracked down the Angel to help "dissuade" her boyfriend from breaking out of prison. On the day of the jailbreak, she sent Barnelle another coded letter, this one coated with deadly spider venom. After the Angel interviewed Barnelle, he succumbed to the poison. After the jail break was thwarted, the Angel found that Barnelle was not among the dead prisoners gunned down by the guards, but dead in his room from poison.

Going back to Chiquita's apartment, the Angel fed her a false story about how Barnelle managed to escape but died, noting the imprints on her blotter of the last letter she wrote to Barnelle. Staking out her apartment, the Angel witnessed Chiquita meet with some of Barnelle's men who had the location of his hidden loot. Learning the location she then pulled a gun on them. When the Angel crashed into the room, Chiquita tossed poisonous spiders on Barnelle's gang members and attempted to flee the scene. The Angel stopped her and after preventing her from swallowing a poisoned pill, she was turned her over to the authorities.[1]


Chiquita was armed with a pistol, she also used poisonous spiders, and extracted their venom to poison her victims as well.

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