Chiron was the brother of Stallior, and centaur-like Inhuman like him. Their family bred true as centaurs after ten generations of selective breeding through Terrigenesis.[1]

He supported Maximus' rule at one of the points where Maximus took over the throne, Chiron commanded a number of Inhumans, including Asmodeus and Kaliban, in the defense of the Great Refuge. The Human Torch went there to visit Crystal, mistakenly believing she was there. Chiron reacted by attacking him with his troops, assuming the Torch was informed of the Inhuman Royal Family having been exiled: Chiron asked Kaliban to shoot an ion-blast at the Torch and then asked flying Asmodeus to intercept him. When the Torch got rid of them, Chiron ordered his troops to retreat to the city and report the threat, while he himself fought the Human Torch. The Human Torch destroyed Chiron's hand-held gun and made him move to an embankment, where he could no longer retreat. He was then questioned by the Human Torch. The Human Torch, caring only about Crystal, flew away, leaving Chiron relatively unharmed.[2]



A hand-held ray gun.[3]


He resembled a Centaur of Greek Legend.

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