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Chitauri Prime is the homeworld of the Chitauri and the heavily-defended central point of their galaxy-spanning empire, located somewhere described as many light years away from the Solar System. The planet is host to numerous Chitauri warriors, and is surrounded by a fleet of warships and Chitauri Leviathans. Its most iconic visual trademark is the secondary ring running vertically around the planet, comprised of debris and asteroids.[1] Due to its erratic orbit, the planet's surface is hundreds of degrees below zero for years at a time.[2] Aside from being the political and military centrifuge of the Chitauri, the planet is also known for the gladiatorial games, where captive slaves and prisoners are forced to fight against and alongside each other in various brutal challenges for the entertainment of both the citizens of the Empire, and the people of the galaxy as a whole who turn in to watch the recorded and broadcast videos of the fights.[1]

Jesse Alexander, a former member of the Supernovas, was a captive prisoner for the gladiator games, he raised a rebellion of slaves and prisoners. Alexander and the prisoners were able to escape from the Ancient Catacombs beneath the Gladiator Pits where they were being held and overwhelmed the guards, eventually escaping above ground, taking control of a Chitauri Warship and escaping into space successfully. As punishment, the on-duty guards that survived were slated to become the next gladiators themselves, until the arrival of Sam Alexander, who was searching for his father. Sam was surprised to discover his father had already escaped, and when the Master of the Games decided to try and capture Sam for the games, Alexander quickly followed in his father's footsteps, leading an uprising of the new slaves to retake yet another ship and escape.[3]

For a brief time, the Chitauri were subjugated by Thanos after the Mad Titan decided to conquer Chitauri Prime on a whim.[2] His reign lasted until his death at the hands of Gamora.[4] Some time later, Chitauri Prime became one of five planets targeted by Dormammu during an invasion from the Dark Dimension. Each world he targeted was the birthplace of a star-spanning race, and he intended to connect them to form a galaxy-sized pentagram to merge the Dark Dimension with Earthspace. Due to the simplicity of the Chitauran mind, Dormammu managed to take control of every single Chitauri by possessing their hive queen.[5] When the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived at Chitauri Prime, their new ally Doctor Doom carried out a ritual to siphon the power of Dormammu's possession into himself, weakening the Faltine and making the opening for his defeat. In the aftermath, Doctor Doom handed over the Chitauri to his ally, the Skrull Sister Talionis. Becoming the new Chitauri queen, she intended to amass enough power to separate the Skrull from the Kree/Skrull Alliance.[6]

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