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Chloe Tran was hired by Marc Spector as a cook and housekeeper after he returned from Los Angeles and moved back into his Long Island residence of Spector Mansion. She was aware of his identity as Moon Knight and associated with Jean-Paul DuChamp, his pilot nicknamed "Frenchie".[2]

Chloe helped provide physical therapy to Jean-Paul after he was injured in a crash,[3] and the two of them began a relationship following that.[4]

However, Chloe was also secretly an acolyte of the Knights Templar, an ancient order dedicated to protecting the true historical record of the world. When one of their own members (Seth the Immortal) turned on the Templar, Chloe became a fugitive avoided Seth and the Hellbent he had turned to his side.[5]

She arrived on Fifth Avenue and recognized the Cadre as Hellbent, to rescue them from Code: Blue and calm down Dementia. Chloe then accompanied the Hellbent trio back to their former home where they found the corpses of Gregori and the rest of the monks stationed there. Chloe took the Hellbent trio to an apartment room behind an abandoned facade and false walls in a seemingly dead tenement just south of the Manhattan riverfront's Alphabet City, her own privately-secured sanctuary, purchased via the Templar's "black account" set up shortly after her initiation and known only to her.[6]

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