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After Wolfsbane had attacked Angel under post-hypnotic suggestion and torn his wings from him, she returned the wings to the Purifiers.

The scientist Adam Harkins managed to implant cells from the wings into a group of Purifiers who were to be used as an army (a "choir") of Archangels.[1]

Angel laying in the corpses of the Choir

They were used by Matthew Risman to confront the majority of the Purifiers, led by Bastion, as Risman didn't approved the use of Techno-organic Virus to revive the members of the Human Council.[2]

As they assaulted Bastion's headquarters and decimated the Purifiers, they were attacked and slaughtered by the original Archangel, who had regrown his wings and was driven into a frenzy, killing each and every member of the Choir with no mercy, before he passed out among their corpses.[3]



Archangel's wings and helmets.


Archangel's wings were used as blades and projectiles, also spears.


Archangel's wings.

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