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Previously going by "Skreem", Ruth joined the Britannia Project at the behest of Britannia and took the name Choir.[3] During the planned first public appearance of the team, Knull's invasion began and Britannia was killed by a symbiote dragon.[4]

While fighting Knull's forces too, Choir was infected by a symbiote and fell under Knull's control. Luckily, her teammates' unusual physiologies allowed them to resist Knull and devise a plan to break her free. Once that was taken care of, Choir, along with Snakes and Kelpie, quit the team, claiming they were only doing it for Britannia.[3]


She is very quiet but can be vindictive with her powers, using them on a soldier who called her a freak. [4]

Powers and Abilities


Acoustikinesis: She creates powerful sonic waves with her voice strong enough to break stone.[3]

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