The man known as Choo-Choo Charley was a train robber who was active during the 1940s. By the summer of 1944, he and his men had succeeded in three train robberies. Their next job was to rob a train carrying a load of gold, by first robbing its passengers and then causing the train to wreck itself.

Unfortunately for Charley and his gang, the train was carrying the Whizzer while in his civilian alias of Jack Robinson. Quickly changing into the Whizzer, the hero stopped Charley's gang from robbing the passengers and then removed a boulder from the train tracks.

Choo-Choo Charley and his gang then attempted to lose the super-speedster by hiding in a local train yard. When this failed to work they rigged the rails to cause two trains to head on a collision course while Charley and his men escaped aboard a third train. However, the Whizzer proved to be too fast and was able to rescue the two endangered locomotives and stop Charley and his gang, turning them over to the authorities.[1]

Choo-Choo Charley's subsequent fate is unknown.


Choo-Choo Charley was armed with a pistol.

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