Specially modified Kree Sentry robots that were refitted and reformated by Black Bolt's Evil Brother Maximus. Each of their respective chassis being augmented with the Inhumans, specifically his own Echo-Tech weaponry which he moderately altered to carry over the voice of Black Bolt. During the War of Kings, these sentinel drones were an infallible help in the war effort against Emperor Vulcan and the incursion of the Shi'ar Empire. Even long after the War of Kings had passed, the Kree emporium under the rule of the Inhuman's utilize them as keepers of the guard as well as household foremen for personal bodyguard duties.


The Chorus' main feature acts as a vocal auditory transfer device used to channel and project Black Bolt's voice from afar. Much so in a similar manner to and quite possibly utilizing The Echopacitor device, that which also empowers the inhuman's new Space worthy homeland/ship Attilan.

Other features of the Chorus Sentries likely include standard Kree Sentry weapons and technologies featured in former models.

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