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Quote1.png Always remember, when you face a superior opponent, learn their weaknesses. Exploit them. That is the Skrull way. Quote2.png
Commander Chrell



Chrell was once a training instructor for Super-Skrull Program trainees, such as X'iv, Xavin, and even Kl'rt.

Secret Invasion

Despite original lacking any beliefs, Chrell joined the Skrull Invasion Force against Earth, where he began to hunt down the two Skrull Princes: Xavin and Dorrek VIII.

However despite being able to take down the Runaways, Chrell struggled against Xavin, Dorrek VIII, Wiccan, Speed, and Karolina Dean; because of this he required the assistance of the Skrull assassin X'iv.

Although not even the assassin's help was enough, thus Chrell decided to go supernova. Unfortunately for Chrell, the Runaway Xavin was able to contain his supernova and thus he only succeeded in killing himself.[citation needed]



Super Skrull Engineering


  • Right-Eye: Chrell appears to be unable to open his right eye all the way (if not at all). It is possible he may be blind in this eye or that his eyesight is restricted.

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