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Nick Chernin was a biochemist working for a branch of Walter Declun's company, Declun International. Chernin developed a neurotoxin called Oedipus, which causes blindness upon contact with the skin.

Chernin apparently stole the neurotoxin and created the super-villain identity, Blindside, which he used to rob banks. There is a suspicion that Declun turned a blind eye to the theft of the toxin and that he might possibly be backing Blindside.

As Blindside, Chernin wears an armoured suit and delivers doses of the neurotoxin through his gloves. The armour might give some augmentation to Blindside's physical strength, as he was able to knock Spider-Man to the floor with a single punch.

Jackpot considered Blindside to be part of her rogue's gallery, although as yet their history of conflict is unknown.

After being blinded by Blindside, Spider-Man turned to Mister Fantastic for help. Reed developed an antidote to Oedipus, which he gave to Spidey.

After tracking Chernin to his home in Port Washington, Nassau County, New York State, Spider-Man was ambushed by Commanda, Chernin's girlfriend, and then saved by Jackpot's timely arrival. In the ensuing battle, Jackpot was dosed with Oedipus and, although Spider-Man adminstered Reed's antidote and the heroes captured the villains, the interaction of the neurotoxin with the drugs Jackpot used to provide her powers caused a myocardial infarction and she died.

Powers and Abilities


Cause blindness



Armoured suit containing neurotoxin delivery system


  • There is a Guggenheim Elementary School in the real Port Washington, although whether Blindside creator/writer Marc Guggenheim has a connection with the school is unknown to the writer of this article.

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