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Christian Blake
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Police detective
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Christian Blake was a detective for the NYPD alongside his partner and childhood friend Carl Hoffman. Both Blake and Hoffman were corrupt, and worked for Wilson Fisk.[1]

When Karen Page was arrested for a crime Fisk's men had framed her for, Blake and Hoffman were put in charge of the case. They were forced to release her however, when her lawyers, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, forced their hand after no charges had been filed against Page within the twenty-four hours after her arrest.[2]

When a member of the Russian mob mentioned Fisk's name during interrogation after his arrest, Blake and Hoffman killed him, and made the murder look like self defense. Matt Murdock was in the precinct and had heard the situation using his heightened senses. Donning his mask, he later attacked and interrogated Blake for the connection between the Russians and Wilson Fisk. The vigilante acquired Blake's cellphone, to which had been sent the addresses of the Russians' locations, and later used it to locate one of their leaders.[1]

After a series of explosions caused by Fisk to destroy the Russians' operations, the NYPD cornered the masked vigilante in a warehouse with the Russians' leader Vladimir Ranskahov . As the ESU waited for orders to raid the warehouse, a number of people were being targeted in a bid to frame the vigilante and give the officers a reason to enter. A sniper shot Detective Blake in a calculated move to make him pay for facilitating Rankshkahov's location to the masked vigilante.[3]

Blake fell into a coma after being shot, and Fisk, fearing what he might divulge, had Hoffman go to the hospital to finish him off. Blake awoke after being injected with poison, just in time to see the vigilante arrive his assailant, and then block the door. The vigilante told Blake he would die and couldn't do anything about it, but encouraged him to get revenge by telling him all he could about Fisk before he died.[4]


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