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Christian Frost is the only son in the Frost family, with his sisters Emma Frost, Adrienne Frost and Cordelia Frost. Of his family he was closest to Emma.[4]

Christian was the one member of the family who didn't want to have anything to do with the family business. [4] Despite that, he lived on a property owned by his father. [5] Still he attempted to please him by hiding his sexuality and not allowing his boyfriend Dante Ortega to join him on a family trip to the French Riviera resulting in Dante breaking up with him.

When his father Winston Frost learned Christian was gay, he threatened to disown him if he didn't straighten up and move back home. Christian defied his father and left the family, only remaining in contact with Emma and getting back together with Dante. Winston retaliated by using his great power and influence to have Christian's boyfriend framed and deported.[6] Christian became deeply depressed. He attempted suicide and began abusing substances given to him by Cordelia.[7]

Emma Frost became very worried for Christian and asked their father to get him help. Winston claimed that he would help Christian but lied and instead of sending him to rehab he sent him to a mental institution.[7] It turned out to be for ex-gay conversion treatments. At some point, Winston Frost apparently had Christian released from the institution so he could allegedly take over as the heir to his business empire.[8]

Emma discovered this and went to see him at her father's home, but Winston met her at the door and forced her to retreat using never-before-demonstrated psionic powers. Worried, Emma tried to recruit Iceman to help her rescue her brother, and, despite some initial reluctance, Bobby agreed to accompany Emma back to her father's. When they got there, they found Winston dead and discovered Christian was the one with powers, having created a projection of his father. After using Bobby's mind to calm Christian down, Emma decided to take over Frost Technologies and work with Christian to regain control.[8]

White Bishop[]

Upon the creation of the new mutant nation of Krakoa, the Hellfire Club was reformed as the Hellfire Trading Company with Emma as its White Queen once again and Christian as her White Bishop.[1]

Christian entered a relationship with Bobby Drake,[9][10] but, after Kate Pryde's death, Bobby distanced himself from everybody, including Christian.[11] Eventually they decided they weren't going anywhere as a couple and Bobby moved to Los Angeles while Christian stayed on Krakoa.[12]



  • Astral Energy Manipulation: Christian is able to draw upon and materialize energy from the astral plane and project it as destructive material energy psychic blasts. These blasts cause both physical and mental damage to the victim. He can also create psionic energy constructs. But on at least one occasion the projection was lifelike enough to convince Emma Frost that it was her actual father.[8] His powers can be used to create a shield for other people.[13]
  • Familial Power Immunity: Similar to his two sisters, Adrienne and Cordelia, Christian is immune to his sister's Emma's telepathic powers.[8]




  • Christian Frost is a gay man who suffers from major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder due to being severely mentally abused by his father and unwillingly admitted into a mental institution for ex-gay conversion treatments.
  • For a long time, Christian seemed to be the only one of the Frost siblings lacking mutant powers, but they have recently manifested. However, it has not been revealed when exactly they did.[8]


  • Christian attends NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings.[14]

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