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Christian Sung was born in Duncanville, Texas, of Korean descent. While coursing music studies at Johnson State College, he returned to Texas,[1] terrorizing Austin with his monstrous form.

Human form

Following several sightings of what people dubbed the "Austin Monster," Christian caught the attention of monster-hunters Amadeus and Maddy Cho.[2] While Maddy was investigating in Austin, Christian began rampaging through the city. After she failed to stop him, Amadeus arrived to assist her in his Hulk form. Christian grew more powerful as he fed on Hulk's emotions, and defeated him, subsequently escaping with an abducted little child.[3]

Amadeus and Maddy followed him to the sewers, rescuing the little kid with the help of Black Panther, and later using a protocol meant for the Hulk on Christian himself, which consisted of teleporting him to the Negative Zone.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Monster Form: Sung is capable of transforming at will into a monster with features similar to a crustacean, all while still retaining his human intellect,[3] providing him with the following abilities:

  • Shell: An armored exterior capable of protecting him from both lasers and fire, it's even resistant to radioactive armor piercing slugs made of Adamantium.[3]
  • Superhuman Strength: An incerase of strength that allows him to go toe-to-toe against the Hulk.[3]
  • Razor-Sharp Claws: Claws capable of cutting the Hulk's skin.[3]
  • Superhuman Speed: Despite the his increadible size and armored bulk, Christian in his monster form can move and strike swiftly with little notice. In Maddy Cho's own words he's "Incredibly strong and fast".[3]
  • Size Enhancement: Sung's monster form grows in size and power the more negative feelings he partakes in, physically growing larger the more powerful negative emotions are imbibed upon.[3]

Emotional Empowerment: Christian has been described by Maddy Cho as an "emotional leech,"[3] due to his ability empower himself by harnessing negative emotions such as fear, grief, anger, pride and shame.[1] As he absorbs more emotions, he grows in size.[3]

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