The daughter of Kate Pryde and Piotr Rasputin, Chrisse was the sister of Cameron Pryde. The X-Men hoped that a public showing of the new generation of mutants, Cameron and Chrissie, fighting to save Baron Kelly's life despite his politics would lead to reform and the end of the Mutant Control Act.

Not all X-Men were on the same page, however. They soon learned that Magneto and Rachel had modified the Sentinel's virus to also target Chrissie and Cameron. They intended to martyr the young mutants as a rallying point against the Mutant Control Act. By this point, Cameron had had enough of mutant politics and believed that he and Chrissie needed to attack Kelly, making the final push necessary to eradicate mutant kind.

Cameron attacked Kelly on Air Force One, but Chrissie remained an idealist and attacked her brother. As Lockheed spirited Kelly to safety, Chrissie made the sacrifice of killing Cameron in the hopes that "good" mutants standing up against "evil" mutants would make their point for the greater good.[1]


  • Ferrous Polymorph: Christina can transform into a state of semi-liquid metal. She is able to stretch, contract, and morph her metallic body in different ways, such as turning her arms into blades.

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