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Christine Everhart was a reporter for the magazine Vanity Fair and investigated Tony Stark, who during an interview convinced her to sleep with him. In the morning, she was kicked out of the house by Pepper who gave her clothes and a ride.

During a press conference regarding an incident at Stark Industries, which had been secretly caused during a confrontation between the armored Tony Stark and Obadiah Stane, Christine taunted Stark with the possibility he was this "Iron Man." When Stark announced that he was Iron Man, she was the only person in the audience who didn't stand up or react at all, due to the surprise Stark was indeed a hero.[1]

Months after Stark revealed himself as Iron Man to the world, Everhart tried to get an interview with Stark's competitor Justin Hammer at the Monaco Grand Prix. Everhart abandoned Hammer during the interview after losing interest in him.[2]

Everhart is currently the Host of WHIH: NEWSFRONT which is critical of the Avengers actions in Sokovia. She interviewed criminal Scott Lang before his release from prison.[3]


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