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Christine Palmer worked in a hospital ward at a time when her colleague Dr. Stephen Strange suffered serious injuries in a car accident. She was instrumental in saving his life on the night of the accident, but while she assisted him during his period of recovery she could do little to improve the state of his hands which had suffered extensive nerve damage as a result of the crash. Eventually she reached a point where she could no longer bear to witness his frustration, especially at times when he took his anger out on her, and she walked out of his life.

A long time after having moved on with her life, she was astonished to find him one day staggering through her medical ward, calling out for her, and bleeding heavily from a stab wound to the chest. Soon she was left scrambling to save his life when he lost consciousness, but then found herself veering from desperation to terror when a transparent image of him appeared before her and began directing her in her attempt to deal with the chest wound. The apparition left her alone part of the way through the procedure, only to reappear long enough to urge her to increase the voltage on a defibrillator she was using to restart his heart. Eventually, Strange regained consciousness and tried to explain the events that had befallen him since they had last spoken, but she had trouble believing his fanciful story until he led her to a dimensional portal he'd left open in a hospital cupboard, and stepped though before letting it close between them.

Christine saw Strange again under similarly bizarre circumstances when he came marching into her presence with an unconscious bald woman. Despite the best efforts of a hastily assembled surgical team, Christine and the other doctors were unable to save the woman's life. She only had a brief time to catch up with Strange after the attempt however, as he had found new purpose during his time away and had things to attend to elsewhere in the world.[2]

Years later, after the Blip, she met Strange at her wedding (to a man named Charlie). They seemed to be on good terms, although Christine appeared less regretful of how their relationship ended up than Strange did.[1]



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