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Early Life

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Christine Palmer left her home in "an exclusive Midwestern suburb" against her father's wishes, intending to "make a new life without her father's money". She trained as a nurse and accepted a position at Metro-General Hospital.[1]

Night Nurse

Her father later came to New York City to try and convince her to return to her life as a debutante, threatening "if you don't come home by Thanksgiving, then don't come home at all!" Though she considered his offer, she elected to stay in New York and becomes a surgical nurse for Dr. William Sutton.[1] When Dr. Sutton's career ended in disaster she was forced to leave.[2]

Christine left New York to get away from memories of betrayal and ended up at the northeastern Sea-Cliff Manor as the private nurse for the physical rehabilitation of wheelchair-bound Derek Porter. The house had a creepy atmosphere and at night Christine could see lights signalling from the long-abandoned lighthouse to a mysterious person stalking the manor grounds. After numerous near-fatal accidents that seemed to point to sabotage by the butler, Christine eventually forced Derek to reveal that he was responsible. He was faking paralysis and taking advantage of his aunt's goodwill to use the location as a connection in a drug smuggling operation. He tried to push her over the cliff to silence her, but the butler came to the rescue by pushing the abandoned wheelchair at Derek, knocking him off the cliff to his death in Christine's stead.[3]

Return to Metro-General

Christine ended up returning to Metro-General, where she first encountered Storm and Nightcrawler of the X-Men.[4]


It has recently been revealed that her mother lives in Tucson, Arizona.[4]

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