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Christine Palmer apparently had a more or less similar story to her Earth-199999 counterpart. Dr. Christine Palmer met and maintained a relationship with Stephen Strange but then they broke up and went their separate ways.

Doctor Strange would found the Illuminati to protect the planet until the arrival of Thanos forced Strange to seek a solution through the Darkhold but this ended up corrupting him and accidentally led to kill countless people from another reality in proving an incursion between two universes. After Thanos' death, the Illuminati decided to kill Strange for his crimes, Palmer and the Illuminati decided to cover up the event and make it look like Strange died in a battle with Thanos. Christine would work for the Baxter Foundation in Multiversal research and assisting the Illuminati.

One day, Baron Karl Mordo took America Chavez and Doctor Strange from Earth-199999 who had arrived in another universe and were imprisoned, then Strange was brought before the Illuminati for trial. Later, Scarlet Witch of Earth-199999 would attack the Illuminati headquarters while possessing the body of her counterpart, Palmer was warned by an alarm within the security system after the threat had destroyed almost all their defense systems in addition to having killed Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Captain Carter and Mister Fantastic, Christine managed to take out America Chavez and escape after Professor X who invaded Scarlet Witch's mind to save the counterpart from the Witch's possession although he was also killed.

Christine was reunited with the Strange they had imprisoned and asked Palmer where the Book of Vishanti was located, he initially refused to share the location, for fear of triggering dangers throughout the Multiverse but realizing that this counterpart was a different person from the Strange he knew, he decided to take Strange and America to the book.

Palmer and the two escaped into the sewers, while Scarlet Witch continued to follow them. Strange temporarily stopped her by trapping her under the rubble. Then she reached the door leading to the book. They realized it was locked and Palmer informed Strange that the key was probably something only he would know. Palmer then realized that the password was the watch he gave Strange as they were leaving. He told Strange to use his version of the watch to open the door. After the door was opened, they saw the Book of Vishanti. Shortly after, the Scarlet Witch arrived and grabbed America Chavez by the hair. She then sent an explosion at Doctor Strange that set the Book of Vishanti on fire, destroying it and then controlled Chavez's mind and opened a multiversal portal with her powers that pushed Strange and Palmer to use their magic, transporting them to another universe.[1]


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